Why have corporate videos become essential for businesses?

Recent statistics found that people remember more than 50% of what they hear and see. On the contrary, people only register 20% of they just see and 10% of what they just hear. The stark contrast between these statistics makes it clear that audio-visual content has more effect on people than any other tool. That is why businesses have jumped on the bandwagon of interacting with employees, customers and potential customers through corporate videos and films.

Videos have become more cost-effective to make and produce than ever before. This audio-visual tool can be used to enhance a brand’s image by sharing the company’s work and philosophy with its customers. A corporate video gives businesses and companies a different option to improve their brand’s exposure, while most of the branding tools focus on text. Videos also give brands a hand in getting its message across and build a strong online and offline corporate presence.

1. Why have corporate videos become essential for businesses

A corporate video can be simply termed as a video that is produced by a business or organization to endorse and raise awareness of their brand. Corporate videos can be utilized to serve various purposes in a business such as training, safety instructions for employees, presentations, product or service demonstrations, introduction to potential customers, summaries of events, etc. These videos can be specially designed to display lengthy and boring information in an interesting and entertaining manner, which keeps the viewers captivated. Such videos are perfect to spread awareness of almost every aspect of your business through a mode that connects with your audience.

Every corporate video should include a few compulsory points to ensure that their message is being conveyed in the most efficient manner. Let’s go through a few such points that are must for every corporate video.

• Develop a crisp script and storyboard that projects your brand message as efficiently as possible.
• Hire a reputable agency to create your business’s corporate video to give it a professional feel.
• Make sure that your corporate video addresses the basic questions like what, where, who, when, where and why.
• Your corporate video should exhibit the positive changes in your firm that promote your brand’s image.
• Utilize corporate videos to showcase your company’s achievements, assets and products.
• Include jingles, mascots, logos and color schemes easily recognizable by customers in your corporate videos to capture their attention.

While these are some must-haves of every corporate video or film, but slight changes and modifications in every video are necessary as per the nature of the business. Corporate videos are essential to make your own mark in the market and stand out in the crowd. So, always make sure that you make a video for your company that is entertaining, attractive and to the point for better results.

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