Top social media management tools

The importance of social media in today’s economy can’t be stressed upon enough. Social media has become a must for all businesses looking for success in this economy. Content that strikes a chord with social media users can carry a business towards success. But to maximize the effect social media has on a business; strong content has to be shared regularly. So, it has become a norm for every business to utilize social media management tools. These tools give companies the complete freedom to manage their brand presence on social media platforms. There are various tools in the market that can help someone carry out basic as well as advanced tasks to promote their social presence. Let’s take a look at some of these tools that are easily available on the internet.

Hootsuite – One of the most popular tools out there is Hootsuite. This gives its user the capability to schedule posts on almost all the popular social media sites. Hootsuite supports multiple accounts, which makes it easier for companies with more than one brand to post content about all their different brands simultaneously. Hootsuite also gives you the option to target social media users based on age, language, location and demographic details.

Sendible – Sendible is an online tool that gathers messages and comments from various posts on your different social media accounts in one place. It gives you the ability to respond to all the messages and comments efficiently. It has a feature that highlights messages and comments that need immediate attention, making your online interactions more effective.

3. Top social media management tools

Gramblr – It is an online tool especially dedicated to posting your beautiful brand images on Instagram. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know that Instagram is all the rage at the moment. And businesses are not missing out on this opportunity to attract customers from this social media platform. Gramblr gives its users the option to schedule posts with no trouble whatsoever and allows businesses to strengthen their presence on Instagram. Gramblr has all the inherent features of Instagram embedded in its interface.

EasySendy Pro – This is a neat online tool that helps you schedule mass emails to be sent to your target audience. EasySendy Pro has a feature that lets you create segments in your receiver list to target specific customers. It has also the option to auto-respond that helps improve interactions with customers or potential customers. This tool can help you reach quite a few people in no time and boost your brand image.

From the above options, we could see that there are quite a few online tools that aid your business in making the most out of its social media strategy. Though these aren’t the only options in the market, there are other tools with additional features. But the choice varies from one business to another based on the requirements. So, choose wisely!

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