The science of event branding

Event branding is one of the most popular concepts in the world of marketing. Event branding is a dual beneficial entity that can make the event interesting through distinctive ideas and can also benefit the brand through good pitching; however, if it is not done properly, it can be of no use. So here are certain elements of event branding that should be kept in the mind all the time.

1. Brand name + logo + slogan

If you are organizing or even sponsoring an event, your brand name and logo shall be placed ideally. They should be a part of each and every branding material. But remember they should not be forced in to any design. Apart from that, come up with a catchy slogan for the event that can help you to create hype about the event in the market, in turn bringing more recognition to the brand.

2. A theme to go with the event

Any and every event can be made more interesting through a theme. Don’t come up with random themes just for the sake of having a one. The theme should be in complete synergy with the event purpose and the brand’s nature.


3. Concept is the king

If we are talking about an event, we are talking about a gala time including a variety of activities. Hence a lot of people think that it is not necessary to have concept-driven branding since the focus is on activities and not the branding. This is a big myth and can make the entire branding go in complete vain. Having a concept can make the branding more interesting and memorable, besides bringing more attention to the event.

4. Include social media

This internet savvy world needs to know about anything and everything that happens. Talking about events, one of the most useful ways to brand them is through social media. In fact, you can have an event page and post things regularly there to keep people updated about the event. You can start with the countdowns, followed by event posts, highlights, invitation, bytes, special moments and thank you note.


5. In-house posters and flyers

It might sound old school but it is classic and timeless to have printed branding materials to decorate the event place. You can put things related to the event or the purpose of the event.

Take care of…

1. Colors

The colors used for posters and flyers should be balanced and in harmony with the background.

2. Typography

The fonts and typography to be used for posters and flyers should be kept alluring enough to grab people’s attention.

3. Composition

The overall composition of the poster or the flyer is meant to have an appealing look and feel. Consider the background, size and format of the material and then compose an interesting design.

Implement these tips and make your event branding successful.

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