How important is it to have a good logo?

Google says a logo is “a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.” It explains the job of a logo literally. In wider sense, logo is a reflection of the company and the characters included in it. Over the years, logos have evolved in multiple formats but its basic property of being expressive and articulate is yet intact. If the logo is not able to communicate, it is not worthy enough to see the daylight because of the following reasons…

1. Your logo is your public personality

One of the early communications that your brand has with people is through the logo. If it fails to create the first impression, i.e. first solid impression, then it may go against you. You are always recognized by your logo and can use it wisely to stand out from the competition. If you dare to be different and nail it, you can easily divert market attention to your brand. Look at these some of the logos we designed.

Text with images 1

2. Your logo speaks for you

A logo is not necessarily supposed to be too over the top or a cobweb of multiple elements. It can have minimalistic elements and can still create an extravagant picture of your brand. On the other hand, you can have multiple elements run for you in your logo and still create a subtle picture in general. The logo design in general has the power to depict what your brand stands for. Hence it is very important for a logo to be apt and completely original.

apple logo


Look at this evolution of Apple Logo. This is significant for us to understand that Apple logo has undergone some massive transitions over the years and each time, the logo reflected/ s the brand’s spirit to the fullest. The latest one is the simplest one having minimal grayscale effect, reflecting, exclusivity associated with Apple products.

3. Your logo is placed in all the branding materials

One of the branding constant is logo. Be it print ads or digital marketing or event branding, anything or everything has to have your logo hence it better be worth looking at. It might not be the focal point of all the communication materials, but it has a secured seat all the time and if it looks awkward in any one of the mediums, then the logo design is not done up to the mark.

4. Your logo can bring you brand loyalty

When logos are seen, they are comprehended differently by different people. However, the nature of the affection tends to remain same. The loyalty which a brand enjoys is to a great extent associated with the logo. Every time a person buys a product from his or her favorite brand, they are first of all enjoying the quality offered by the brand and secondly are delighted to have the brand around them.

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