Essentials of an effective website

Having a website has become a common practice for companies and brands. Websites are almost always the first step of creating a brand identity. It is a company’s website that pops up on search engine results when a user performs an online search. So, creating and designing a website that attracts customers and keeps them on it longer has become absolutely crucial. The longer a user stays on a website, the more chances that he or she will buy a product or use a service being offered by the company.

So, it is mandatory for every brand to invest in developing a website that is helpful for the brand as well as for the people visiting it. To ensure your website has all the essential elements of an efficient website, the below points should be taken care of.

• Goals – Before starting work on your website, clearly define the website’s goals that it must achieve. Creating a website without pre-defined goals will be like throwing money down the drain. Clarity regarding website’s design, content and target audience will be beneficial in the creation of an efficient website.

• Reliable and quick – This is the age of high-speed internet and users do not appreciate websites taking ages to load. To keep users on your website for longer, a quick and responsive interface is a must. This good experience on your website can go a long way in creating a positive brand identity.

• Talk about your product – Users visit websites to learn more about the products or services being offered. So, the information they might be looking for should be anticipated and provided in a clear and brief manner. Explain all the advantages of your product and mention the different ways to buy the product or service.

Wolves designed Zawq Namkeen’s website, where customers were immediately provided information about the manufacturing processes and products to make them familiar with the brand.


• Social Media Integration – Social media is a huge part of today’s digital marketing strategies and integrating all your social media platforms on to your website can boost your product sales and social media following. It also gives your customers different ways to keep in touch with your brand.

While designing Real Tag’s new website, we incorporated Real Tag’s various social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc into the website, which brought more visibility to their social media content.


• Contact Information – To reap the rewards of your efforts on creating an effective online presence, always highlight your contact information prominently on all the pages. This helps the visitors to get in touch with you and decreases the chances of them choosing your competitor over your brand.

Creating a website can be quite a task, but if done perfectly it can be the most efficient way of acquiring and keeping customers. And by incorporating the points we have mentioned above, you will be a lot closer to creating an efficient website that puts your brand on the map.

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