5 things to avoid while creating a website

There is nothing on the internet that creates brand awareness like a website does. We know that websites are quite important for making a business successful. Websites are effectively a gateway for potential customers into the brand’s main sphere. Anyone thinking about creating a website must have an idea about how it could be designed. But where people make mistakes is by trying to add too much to the website. In this blog, we will discuss the 5 things one must avoid while creating a business website.

• Leave it to the professionals – Unless you have experience in web design or you are a professional, do not try to make your business website yourself. Your website should look modern, function properly and do the tasks it is meant for. And to make sure all of these points are taken care of, you should hire a professional instead of trying your hand without any experience. There are professional agencies like Social Wolves – the social window of Wolves Creata, which can support you in creating websites as per your desire.

We created a refined, sleek and modern website for our clients Noken Tiles. The website gave Noken Tiles the necessary online presence, while also showcasing their eclectic product portfolio.

• Inconsistent interface – It is never recommended to create a website that has different designs on every webpage. This makes the user experience confusing and decreases the time one spends on a website. Avoid over-creativity and try to make your website experience consistent, throughout, which feels connected to the main page.

• Expecting people to visit – There are no guarantees that people are going to start visiting your website just because you have created one. Maybe after the initial days, you may not have to drive traffic to your website. But in the early days, you will have to do everything to reach your target audience and make them aware of your website. You may use social media, influencers, blog mentions, etc. to promote your website.

• Irregular blog updates – There is absolutely no point in adding things to the website just for the sake of it. If you are not going to be posting blogs regularly, then don’t include a blog section on your website. A blog section that is unused or rarely updated makes the website look dated and inactive, projecting a negative image on the website visitors.

• Insufficient negative space – In simple terms, negative space is the space that surrounds the object in a design, image or artwork. Negative space helps bring the important elements of a webpage in focus. The use of negative space is highly recommended for websites to bring the attention of the visitors to the important parts of the webpage. It is not necessary to use each and every inch of your website to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Avoid these 5 points while designing your website and you will create an inviting and successful website that doesn’t turn away its visitors.

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