Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

2017 was another year that saw revolutionary advancements in every industry. The digital space and marketing saw immense growth in the past year. A few digital marketing tools and topics gained popularity and maybe changed the space forever. Let’s take a look at some of those tools.

Mobiles and smartphones are still leading the way when it comes to digital marketing. Consumers or prospective consumers of a brand do the initial research about a product or service on their smartphones. Retailers and e-commerce companies already have a stronghold in this category. But each year, this space is being re-invented to attract more and more consumers, as the competition has increased.

In the past few years, the advancements in 3G and 4G network have made it easier for people to stay online. Taking advantage of this, companies like Facebook and Google rolled out live video streaming on their platforms. These live videos have caught on like wildfire in a short period of time. Brands have started using live videos to interact with their consumers while promoting their brand. These interactions with consumers or potential consumers feel personal as they happen in real time, which may affect the purchasing decision of individuals.

Arguably, the most trending topics on the internet last year were viral videos and memes. Words proved to be overrated, as videos, images and GIFs took center stage. Memes on various subjects like politics, sports and relationships were shared all over the internet. Companies identified it as a great branding tool and used relevant memes and viral videos to promote their brand. Quirky and unorthodox branding came like a breath of fresh air and helped businesses to stand out from the crowd.

As talked in our previous blogs, influencer marketing has really caught on. Brands have realized its great potential and it has become a part of their fundamental marketing strategy. 2017 saw a justified increase in influencer marketing, which will continue in 2018 as well. Influencers give brands an easy way to connect with their potential customers without having to go through the process of identifying the target audience. And influencer marketing also creates a sense of trust among the customers as the product or service is promoted by someone they know.

If someone has been active on social media in the last couple of years, I am sure they have heard the word ‘millennial’. Millennials are the demographic, who were born between the years 1978 and 2000 approximately. Millennials have a lot to offer and they have become the most valued segment of marketers and brands. By directly interacting with this generation, brands and marketers are able to form a bond. But to sustain this bond and grab their attention, brands came up with some unique strategies in 2017.

We are sure 2018 is going to be another great year for the digital marketing space. With the evolution of these trends, we will also see some new trends coming to the forefront.

Importance of vlogs, GIFs and short videos in digital marketing

With the increasing popularity of the internet, people have access to content like never before in human history. But with so much content at people’s disposal, it is difficult to keep them engaged to your content for long. In their fast-paced and busy lives, people don’t always have the time to read lengthy articles or even watch a 3-5 minutes advertisement. And pictures aren’t as effective. So, with the time, content sharing platforms have also evolved. Content creators and advertisers have realized that people, who use the internet, have a relatively shorter attention span. That is where the real importance of shorter videos came in the forefront. Interacting with customers or potential customers by using videos, GIFs and vlogs has become an important part of almost every digital marketing strategy.

The evolution of social media platforms has been a blessing for all content creators to reach their target audience with ease. Social media platforms have welcomed and incorporated quite a few changes to make sharing of the video even simpler. In a study by Facebook, it was found that shorter videos garner more complete views. Shorter videos attract the attention of viewers, but it doesn’t go on till the viewer loses his or her interest. JOBS (2013) became the first movie to release its trailer on Instagram. This tells how far short videos have come in this day and age.

New formats like GIFs have also gained popularity lately. GIFs are a series of static images or animation or soundless video that will loop continuously. GIFs were considered childish and unprofessional at first; they have spread on the internet like wildfire since the start of this decade. So much so, that GIF was announced as the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary in 2012. The short and looping quality of this format makes it more catchy and engaging. Quite a few advertisers and companies have started incorporating intelligent and light-hearted GIFs in their digital marketing strategies.

Influencers in the world of marketing have been used for quite some time now. With the progress in advertising on social media platforms, advertisers have started using influencers, who are video content creators. They are called vloggers, it is an amalgamation of the words ‘video and bloggers’. Vlogging has been growing in popularity as it is used to talk about different topics and products. Vloggers are influencers with a huge following on social media platforms. They are sometimes paid and sometimes not to review a product and share the video with their followers. One thing is for sure, vlogging is here to stay.

Clearly, video and GIFs have become necessary from a marketing point of view. But this is just the initial part of the video revolution in the advertising space. We are sure to see more creative ways advertisers will use videos to target their prospective customers.

Simple tips to increase traffic to websites

In this day and age, the first form of interaction that businesses have with their customers is over the internet. Websites are integral to communicate with future customers as they help customers get an idea of the business and influence their buying decisions. But for quite a few businesses the initial challenge is driving traffic, i.e. bringing their prospective customers to their websites. This is a problem, which if solved, sales can shoot up. And if not solved, it can lead to a business’s demise.

So, by looking at the importance of a website in this digital age, it would not be wrong to say that every business should have an active and well-functioning website. Today we are going to give you a few simple tips and tricks to help you increase traffic to your website without investing too much money into marketing. Using these tips can get people to notice your website, and it may benefit your business.

• Nothing irritates people more than an unresponsive, misleading and sluggish website. Make sure to hire a skilled web designer to create a website that is welcoming, beautiful, and interactive. The website should have qualities and features that can give people reasons to stay longer on it.

• An intriguing headline is vital for making something go viral. Clickbait has become a popular exercise in the recent years. Urban Dictionary defines clickbait as, ‘an eye-catching link or a headline on a website which encourages people to read on.’ This is a neat trick for driving traffic to a specific webpage.

• You may use interesting headlines, but keep your content simple. Be clear and straightforward about whatever you write or display. Your website content should be something that makes an impact on everyone visiting your website. The content should capture the attention of the potential customers.

• Take help of all the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to spread your content over the internet. Use search engine optimization and keywords in your content to make your content or website more suitable to today’s search engines.

• Before launching your website, always decide what is your USP or Unique Selling Proposition. It is the USP that will get site visitors interested and compel them to visit your website repeatedly.

• Always analyze your competition before taking any decision regarding your business. Look at what your competitors have been doing to drive traffic, as their business approach will be a good opportunity for you to learn. Try to make a different strategy because that will intrigue customers or else they will end up going to the websites they are familiar with.

There are many more things you can do to drive traffic to your websites. But for now, by using these tips and tricks you can grow your business by converting traffic into clientele.

5 Most Important Elements of Digital Marketing

In the last 10 years, the number of active internet users in the world has almost tripled. With almost half the Earth’s population going online, the internet has become a great space for marketing. And marketers have taken this in their stride by developing innovative digital marketing strategies. To make a successful digital marketing strategy, it is important to be well-versed with its different elements. So, let’s dig in.

• Website

Statistics have shown that less than 3% of website visitors make purchasing decisions the first time they browse to a website. So, a beautifully designed and engaging website can help you mobilize your business. It is crucial to make sure that the website is in synergy with the overall branding and it should communicate your company’s ethos up-front. The website should be attractive, responsive, relevant, customer-friendly and up-to-date.

• Organic Search

In today’s world, consumers get their desired information about products and services through a variety of methods; the most notable is the search engine results. An intelligently implemented strategy will increase the website’s visibility and improve traffic. In turn that will result in the increase of positive opportunities and online revenue. Using relevant keywords in your website content can make it easier for your target customers to reach you.

• Email Marketing

Marketing research shows that over 65% of consumers are likely to make a purchase of a product, which has a well-planned email campaign. Email marketing can increase sales, build credibility and keep your customers involved with your brand. It is a good tool for interacting and educating potential customers about your product, and it can also help in driving the traffic to specific parts of your website. With the increasing demand for smartphones and instant notifications, email marketing can become the most productive tool of all.

• Social Media Marketing

This element of digital marketing has come in the limelight in the last few years with companies realizing the potential of connecting with prospective customers on social media platforms. It is a dynamic tool for sharing content and information about the products and services directly to potential customers. Being active on these platforms and interacting with customers can help you polish your brand image as well.

• Content Marketing

Almost all the elements of digital marketing depend on incredible content to make them a success. You need creative and engaging content to send out in your emails, social media posts and even on your website. Through correct content marketing, you can increase your website visitors and user engagement, which is better for the business in the long run. It is also vital to fill your content with keywords and title tags to make it more suitable for SEO.

Though there are a few other elements of digital marketing strategy like paid ads, mobile marketing, etc that we haven’t discussed but, giving emphasis to the points discussed above can help your business get much-needed traction to stand out from your peers.

How useful is digital marketing?

Having a business and not telling people about it would help none. So let the world know who you are and what you do to get the business. Today the entire world is connected via social media. So marketing on the digital platform is again an obvious thing to do. Reaching out to the virtual world in the right way can bring you the following benefits:

Crowd connect
People of different age groups belonging to different regions use social media. So with the right content, you can connect with your target audience and convey your message. You can also give them personal attention, interact with them and help them.

Growth notification
Promoting a brand on social media helps in pulling traffic on the website. Increased awareness and visibility would then lead to conversion rate optimization. Interesting virtual identity keeps clientele engaged and connected to the brand.

Know your audience
With the help of digital marketing, you can be in regular contact with your clientele and get their feedback and review, which can help you to learn a lot about the quality of services provided by you and their level of satisfaction.

Digital marketing is considerably cheaper than tradition marketing. Besides, it offers larger reach that too in a shorter span of time. Also, you can get access to real-time facts and statistics that can help you improve.

Have a look at the following case studies to get a clearer understanding of its benefits:



VarmoraGranito Pvt. Ltd. was started in the 1994 with the clear vision of becoming a leader in the world of ceramics. After more than 2 decades, Varmora has established itself as one of the biggest and most trusted ceramics, vitrified and porcelain manufacturers. We strategized and executed quite a few social media campaigns on behalf of Varmora. Campaigns like Cool Summer Stories, Reflect What You Love and interactive quiz contests helped capture the attention of the audiences.

Concept 1:
Concept1 Proactive Fitness is a fitness gym based in Vadodara, Gujarat. It opened its doors to fitness freaks in September of 2016. Since then, Project1 Proactive Fitness has garnered quite a few fans and created a niche for itself in the health and fitness sector. Our fitness related digital marketing campaigns for Concept1 became quite popular over the social media.