“Raising the ordinary to extraordinary.” – E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey

Brand: Overlay
Project Name: 50 Shades of Grey
Target Group: Architects and Interior Designers

The concept behind every project designed by us is based on a distinct inspiration. And inspiration can come from any direction, from any source. The conceptualization of Overlay’s latest product range was based on an inspiration from the distinct portrayal of class and fantasy in Hollywood’s ‘50 Shades of Grey’.

The challenge for us was to exhibit the story, visualization and concept of a movie in the form of a product presentation. To overcome this challenge we focused on the color grey and its shades. To make the collection stand out from the crowd, we only used rich and classy colors. This is where we seamlessly merged our inspiration of 50 Shades of Grey with the product range.

This collection of superior surfaces was directed towards modern architects and interior designers. That is why we intentionally chose to use minimal design elements and colors to properly showcase each of the vivid surfaces featured in 50 Shades of Grey collection by Overlay.



Essentials of an effective website

Having a website has become a common practice for companies and brands. Websites are almost always the first step of creating a brand identity. It is a company’s website that pops up on search engine results when a user performs an online search. So, creating and designing a website that attracts customers and keeps them on it longer has become absolutely crucial. The longer a user stays on a website, the more chances that he or she will buy a product or use a service being offered by the company.

So, it is mandatory for every brand to invest in developing a website that is helpful for the brand as well as for the people visiting it. To ensure your website has all the essential elements of an efficient website, the below points should be taken care of.

• Goals – Before starting work on your website, clearly define the website’s goals that it must achieve. Creating a website without pre-defined goals will be like throwing money down the drain. Clarity regarding website’s design, content and target audience will be beneficial in the creation of an efficient website.

• Reliable and quick – This is the age of high-speed internet and users do not appreciate websites taking ages to load. To keep users on your website for longer, a quick and responsive interface is a must. This good experience on your website can go a long way in creating a positive brand identity.

• Talk about your product – Users visit websites to learn more about the products or services being offered. So, the information they might be looking for should be anticipated and provided in a clear and brief manner. Explain all the advantages of your product and mention the different ways to buy the product or service.

Wolves designed Zawq Namkeen’s website, where customers were immediately provided information about the manufacturing processes and products to make them familiar with the brand.


• Social Media Integration – Social media is a huge part of today’s digital marketing strategies and integrating all your social media platforms on to your website can boost your product sales and social media following. It also gives your customers different ways to keep in touch with your brand.

While designing Real Tag’s new website, we incorporated Real Tag’s various social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc into the website, which brought more visibility to their social media content.


• Contact Information – To reap the rewards of your efforts on creating an effective online presence, always highlight your contact information prominently on all the pages. This helps the visitors to get in touch with you and decreases the chances of them choosing your competitor over your brand.

Creating a website can be quite a task, but if done perfectly it can be the most efficient way of acquiring and keeping customers. And by incorporating the points we have mentioned above, you will be a lot closer to creating an efficient website that puts your brand on the map.

5 things to avoid while creating a website

There is nothing on the internet that creates brand awareness like a website does. We know that websites are quite important for making a business successful. Websites are effectively a gateway for potential customers into the brand’s main sphere. Anyone thinking about creating a website must have an idea about how it could be designed. But where people make mistakes is by trying to add too much to the website. In this blog, we will discuss the 5 things one must avoid while creating a business website.

• Leave it to the professionals – Unless you have experience in web design or you are a professional, do not try to make your business website yourself. Your website should look modern, function properly and do the tasks it is meant for. And to make sure all of these points are taken care of, you should hire a professional instead of trying your hand without any experience. There are professional agencies like Social Wolves – the social window of Wolves Creata, which can support you in creating websites as per your desire.

We created a refined, sleek and modern website for our clients Noken Tiles. The website gave Noken Tiles the necessary online presence, while also showcasing their eclectic product portfolio.

• Inconsistent interface – It is never recommended to create a website that has different designs on every webpage. This makes the user experience confusing and decreases the time one spends on a website. Avoid over-creativity and try to make your website experience consistent, throughout, which feels connected to the main page.

• Expecting people to visit – There are no guarantees that people are going to start visiting your website just because you have created one. Maybe after the initial days, you may not have to drive traffic to your website. But in the early days, you will have to do everything to reach your target audience and make them aware of your website. You may use social media, influencers, blog mentions, etc. to promote your website.

• Irregular blog updates – There is absolutely no point in adding things to the website just for the sake of it. If you are not going to be posting blogs regularly, then don’t include a blog section on your website. A blog section that is unused or rarely updated makes the website look dated and inactive, projecting a negative image on the website visitors.

• Insufficient negative space – In simple terms, negative space is the space that surrounds the object in a design, image or artwork. Negative space helps bring the important elements of a webpage in focus. The use of negative space is highly recommended for websites to bring the attention of the visitors to the important parts of the webpage. It is not necessary to use each and every inch of your website to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Avoid these 5 points while designing your website and you will create an inviting and successful website that doesn’t turn away its visitors.

The science of event branding

Event branding is one of the most popular concepts in the world of marketing. Event branding is a dual beneficial entity that can make the event interesting through distinctive ideas and can also benefit the brand through good pitching; however, if it is not done properly, it can be of no use. So here are certain elements of event branding that should be kept in the mind all the time.

1. Brand name + logo + slogan

If you are organizing or even sponsoring an event, your brand name and logo shall be placed ideally. They should be a part of each and every branding material. But remember they should not be forced in to any design. Apart from that, come up with a catchy slogan for the event that can help you to create hype about the event in the market, in turn bringing more recognition to the brand.

2. A theme to go with the event

Any and every event can be made more interesting through a theme. Don’t come up with random themes just for the sake of having a one. The theme should be in complete synergy with the event purpose and the brand’s nature.


3. Concept is the king

If we are talking about an event, we are talking about a gala time including a variety of activities. Hence a lot of people think that it is not necessary to have concept-driven branding since the focus is on activities and not the branding. This is a big myth and can make the entire branding go in complete vain. Having a concept can make the branding more interesting and memorable, besides bringing more attention to the event.

4. Include social media

This internet savvy world needs to know about anything and everything that happens. Talking about events, one of the most useful ways to brand them is through social media. In fact, you can have an event page and post things regularly there to keep people updated about the event. You can start with the countdowns, followed by event posts, highlights, invitation, bytes, special moments and thank you note.


5. In-house posters and flyers

It might sound old school but it is classic and timeless to have printed branding materials to decorate the event place. You can put things related to the event or the purpose of the event.

Take care of…

1. Colors

The colors used for posters and flyers should be balanced and in harmony with the background.

2. Typography

The fonts and typography to be used for posters and flyers should be kept alluring enough to grab people’s attention.

3. Composition

The overall composition of the poster or the flyer is meant to have an appealing look and feel. Consider the background, size and format of the material and then compose an interesting design.

Implement these tips and make your event branding successful.

How important is it to have a good logo?

Google says a logo is “a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.” It explains the job of a logo literally. In wider sense, logo is a reflection of the company and the characters included in it. Over the years, logos have evolved in multiple formats but its basic property of being expressive and articulate is yet intact. If the logo is not able to communicate, it is not worthy enough to see the daylight because of the following reasons…

1. Your logo is your public personality

One of the early communications that your brand has with people is through the logo. If it fails to create the first impression, i.e. first solid impression, then it may go against you. You are always recognized by your logo and can use it wisely to stand out from the competition. If you dare to be different and nail it, you can easily divert market attention to your brand. Look at these some of the logos we designed.

Text with images 1

2. Your logo speaks for you

A logo is not necessarily supposed to be too over the top or a cobweb of multiple elements. It can have minimalistic elements and can still create an extravagant picture of your brand. On the other hand, you can have multiple elements run for you in your logo and still create a subtle picture in general. The logo design in general has the power to depict what your brand stands for. Hence it is very important for a logo to be apt and completely original.

apple logo


Look at this evolution of Apple Logo. This is significant for us to understand that Apple logo has undergone some massive transitions over the years and each time, the logo reflected/ s the brand’s spirit to the fullest. The latest one is the simplest one having minimal grayscale effect, reflecting, exclusivity associated with Apple products.

3. Your logo is placed in all the branding materials

One of the branding constant is logo. Be it print ads or digital marketing or event branding, anything or everything has to have your logo hence it better be worth looking at. It might not be the focal point of all the communication materials, but it has a secured seat all the time and if it looks awkward in any one of the mediums, then the logo design is not done up to the mark.

4. Your logo can bring you brand loyalty

When logos are seen, they are comprehended differently by different people. However, the nature of the affection tends to remain same. The loyalty which a brand enjoys is to a great extent associated with the logo. Every time a person buys a product from his or her favorite brand, they are first of all enjoying the quality offered by the brand and secondly are delighted to have the brand around them.

Which services should you outsource?

Most of today’s entrepreneurs are skilled, capable, hard-working and talented. But they make the mistake of thinking they can do it all. This avoidable mistake can really hamper the growth of a business. Any decrease in overhead allows entrepreneurs to use more revenue on operational growth and also frees up their time. By outsourcing back-office tasks, entrepreneurs and businesses can focus on other aspects of the business.

According to whatis.com, “Outsourcing is a business practice in which a company hires another company or an individual to perform tasks, handle operations or provide services that are either usually executed or had previously been done by the company’s own employees.” Entrepreneurs and business owners choose to outsource certain functions of their business to boost their growth, productivity and focus on generating income. Outsourcing can help with continuity, control over operational costs, minimize risk and improve an entrepreneur’s professional and personal life balance.

5. Which services should you outsource Image ID  789462262

While every business is different from other, here are some services that one can outsource to boost their growth.

• Information Technology – Outsourcing Information Technology is when buying and servicing of computer hardware & software, printers, cell phones, servers, internet, etc is done through outside vendors and suppliers. Outsourcing IT functions can save up to 40% of the cost of doing the same in-house.

• Bookkeeping – Not all entrepreneurs have knowledge about a country’s tax law and making a mistake in your business’s finances can be catastrophic. Strong finances and proper bookkeeping are the backbones of a successful business. So, it is suggested that the finances and accounting should be left to the professionals. By outsourcing, you can hire people that know what they are doing, and you will have one less thing to worry about.

• Administrative Tasks – Every business owner should focus on the business’s core processes to facilitate its growth. But day-to-day back office tasks can become a hindrance. That is why it becomes important for businesses to start outsourcing their administrative tasks. This way, entrepreneurs don’t get bogged down with unproductive work.

• HR Services – This can be one of the most cumbersome processes if you are doing it in-house. Interviewing hundreds of applicants and selecting one from all those applicants can become a herculean task. By outsourcing your hiring functions, you meet the best candidates that have been pre-selected by the HR consultancy from hoards of people who had applied, saving your valuable time.

• Manufacturing – Another process that can be outsourced to save a lot of time and money is manufacturing. Building your own plant or factory can be daunting with all the permissions required and other logistical issues. Outsourcing manufacturing process to countries with already established plants, low labor cost and raw-material cost can be very feasible for businesses.

Don’t look at outsourcing as giving up the control of your business, but it is a way to focus on what you do the best. This helps you to become more flexible & efficient.

What are business solutions?

In this era of cut-throat competition, most businesses shut-down in the short run. There are quite a few reasons for a business to fail, but one of the fast growing reasons is inadequate business knowledge and inefficient operations. Entrepreneurs find it hard to cope with the demands of running a business with so many things to be taken care of. A small-scale business can still survive, but for large scale businesses running operations smoothly over a period of time is easier said than done.

In the current virtualized and comprehensive market, businesses need fresh ways to innovate, use resources and redevelop processes that foster its growth. Realizing the need for basic and advanced support that businesses need for functioning, companies that provide business solutions came into existence. Though business solution is a broad topic, let’s try to understand its concept. According to Refrence.com, “A business solution is a combination of ideas used to help a company achieve its objectives. A business solution comes in terms of marketing, payroll, auditing, accounting market research and analysis, among other essential business activities.”

Business Solution companies offer practical but astute solutions to tackle the prevailing and emerging business needs of clients. These companies exclusively help other businesses to improve their operations and reach their goals with relative ease. From strategy to execution these solutions cover a broad spectrum of services. The services business solution companies provide can vary from IT solutions to debt collection. The support a business needs depends completely on the nature of the business and its specific requirements. Some businesses might require an array of solutions to properly function, while some businesses may require just a few.

4. What are business solutions

These are some of the most popular business solution services.

• Customer care – It is the voice of the company for the customers. The customers contact this department when they face difficulties and issues with a product or service. They are always hands on to guide and help customers with a better experience.

• Telemarketing – Ever since telecommunication became cheaper and popular, businesses have used it for effective marketing. Telemarketing is a process where a person contacts potential customers on behalf of a company to offer their products and services.

• IT Solutions – One of the most vital and common solutions being provided today are IT solutions. Companies are provided with holistic software and hardware support for their workplaces based on their needs.

• Tax Solutions – Another business solution that has become popular is tax solutions. Businesses are required to keep their books up to date with proper tax payment proof. So, this is where business solutions companies come in to provide help in taxes and finances.

These were just a few of the most used business solutions out of the hundreds that are available. Every business should carefully evaluate the support they require before turning towards business solutions to maximize their growth.

Top social media management tools

The importance of social media in today’s economy can’t be stressed upon enough. Social media has become a must for all businesses looking for success in this economy. Content that strikes a chord with social media users can carry a business towards success. But to maximize the effect social media has on a business; strong content has to be shared regularly. So, it has become a norm for every business to utilize social media management tools. These tools give companies the complete freedom to manage their brand presence on social media platforms. There are various tools in the market that can help someone carry out basic as well as advanced tasks to promote their social presence. Let’s take a look at some of these tools that are easily available on the internet.

Hootsuite – One of the most popular tools out there is Hootsuite. This gives its user the capability to schedule posts on almost all the popular social media sites. Hootsuite supports multiple accounts, which makes it easier for companies with more than one brand to post content about all their different brands simultaneously. Hootsuite also gives you the option to target social media users based on age, language, location and demographic details.

Sendible – Sendible is an online tool that gathers messages and comments from various posts on your different social media accounts in one place. It gives you the ability to respond to all the messages and comments efficiently. It has a feature that highlights messages and comments that need immediate attention, making your online interactions more effective.

3. Top social media management tools

Gramblr – It is an online tool especially dedicated to posting your beautiful brand images on Instagram. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know that Instagram is all the rage at the moment. And businesses are not missing out on this opportunity to attract customers from this social media platform. Gramblr gives its users the option to schedule posts with no trouble whatsoever and allows businesses to strengthen their presence on Instagram. Gramblr has all the inherent features of Instagram embedded in its interface.

EasySendy Pro – This is a neat online tool that helps you schedule mass emails to be sent to your target audience. EasySendy Pro has a feature that lets you create segments in your receiver list to target specific customers. It has also the option to auto-respond that helps improve interactions with customers or potential customers. This tool can help you reach quite a few people in no time and boost your brand image.

From the above options, we could see that there are quite a few online tools that aid your business in making the most out of its social media strategy. Though these aren’t the only options in the market, there are other tools with additional features. But the choice varies from one business to another based on the requirements. So, choose wisely!

Photography has become an essential part of marketing

First impressions are important as we all know, especially in marketing and advertising. And for businesses, images and photos are what make the first impression. Visual communication for brands is at an all-time high with images being vital to create a product, service or business’s market identity. An online study found that there were 94% more views on articles that had relevant images, and 60% of consumers preferred a business, whose website included an image. Photos and images give you a chance to convey your message to potential customers more clearly and help them make a clear choice. Moreover, with the growing use of phones, tablets, and the overall expansion of the internet, images and photos have been feeding the direct growth of businesses.

So, the impact images have on businesses overall have made professional photography a very sort after art. Photography can accentuate your brand’s qualities in a way that is extremely attractive to your customers. It can also help give your brand a unique perspective that differentiates it from your competitors. Photos and images should be the most used part of your marketing strategy. It has been seen that a professional photograph placed in the right location can do wonders for a business. So, the use of photos and images can never be called overrated as they have the potential to make or break any marketing campaign.

2. Photography has become an essential part of marketing

To capture the most appealing and high-quality pictures, it is necessary to choose the correct photographer. Someone who can make your brand shine in a way that instantly connects with your potential customers. Though every photographer will give its unique touch to the images, a professional with experience in product photography should do the trick for your brand. Even locations play a role in effective photography. So, always choose a location that is relevant to your product, and is aesthetically inviting.

Nowadays, brand photography is a must for every successful social media strategy. And nothing reflects good quality to customers as amazing photography on your website and social media posts. Using stock and low-quality images can be the difference between acquiring a customer and losing one to your competitors. Brand photography can also improve the understanding of your product or your brand’s image in the customer’s mind. Almost 70% of online customers or e-commerce shoppers make their buying based on a product or service’s images, which makes photography absolutely essential to your business’s success.

Photos have always been known to influence emotions, and even your brand can use this aspect to connect and influence its potential consumers. So, the amount you spend on photography shouldn’t be termed as an expense, rather it should be called an investment with a potential for huge returns.

Why have corporate videos become essential for businesses?

Recent statistics found that people remember more than 50% of what they hear and see. On the contrary, people only register 20% of they just see and 10% of what they just hear. The stark contrast between these statistics makes it clear that audio-visual content has more effect on people than any other tool. That is why businesses have jumped on the bandwagon of interacting with employees, customers and potential customers through corporate videos and films.

Videos have become more cost-effective to make and produce than ever before. This audio-visual tool can be used to enhance a brand’s image by sharing the company’s work and philosophy with its customers. A corporate video gives businesses and companies a different option to improve their brand’s exposure, while most of the branding tools focus on text. Videos also give brands a hand in getting its message across and build a strong online and offline corporate presence.

1. Why have corporate videos become essential for businesses

A corporate video can be simply termed as a video that is produced by a business or organization to endorse and raise awareness of their brand. Corporate videos can be utilized to serve various purposes in a business such as training, safety instructions for employees, presentations, product or service demonstrations, introduction to potential customers, summaries of events, etc. These videos can be specially designed to display lengthy and boring information in an interesting and entertaining manner, which keeps the viewers captivated. Such videos are perfect to spread awareness of almost every aspect of your business through a mode that connects with your audience.

Every corporate video should include a few compulsory points to ensure that their message is being conveyed in the most efficient manner. Let’s go through a few such points that are must for every corporate video.

• Develop a crisp script and storyboard that projects your brand message as efficiently as possible.
• Hire a reputable agency to create your business’s corporate video to give it a professional feel.
• Make sure that your corporate video addresses the basic questions like what, where, who, when, where and why.
• Your corporate video should exhibit the positive changes in your firm that promote your brand’s image.
• Utilize corporate videos to showcase your company’s achievements, assets and products.
• Include jingles, mascots, logos and color schemes easily recognizable by customers in your corporate videos to capture their attention.

While these are some must-haves of every corporate video or film, but slight changes and modifications in every video are necessary as per the nature of the business. Corporate videos are essential to make your own mark in the market and stand out in the crowd. So, always make sure that you make a video for your company that is entertaining, attractive and to the point for better results.